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USA: The Valdez-Whittier Ferry, Alaska

November 30, 2015

Some people don’t care for this particular voyage, considering it cold, foggy, and expensive. True enough, but really, to get an idea of Prince William Sound and the terrific scenery in and around the famous body of water, you can’t beat the ferry ride.

And so, on a cold, foggy August day we embarked from Valdez.

alaska.kate 041

There were actual sailors out and about on the inlet. Braver souls than I.

alaska.kate 004

As we headed west the fog began to lift.

alaska.kate 039

And the scenery began.

alaska.kate 035

alaska.kate 080

alaska.kate 250

We saw quite a few work boats. Fishing is a big deal in Alaska.

alaska.kate 072

And glaciers. Lots of those.

alaska.kate 094

alaska.kate 089

As a bonus we came within a few miles of the well-known Eisenhower Glacier, although since it has retreated at least 10 miles in the last several decades and is far less spectacular than in days of old.

alaska.kate 063

It used to extend to the end of this inlet. No more.

alaska.kate 060

From time to time other passengers ventured on deck.

alaska.kate 093

I finally tired of going outside in the bitter cold and therefore didn’t record our arrival in Whittier.

alaska.kate 040

And so, while coming into port I contented myself with more obscure imagery.

alaska.kate 252



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