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England: Along The River Avon, Bath

November 17, 2015

There’s no doubt about it; Bath is a tourist town, albeit a very congenial one. The town’s status as a magnet for the leisure class dates at least to Roman times and probably further back, when its hot springs were first noticed and utilized for their healing properties.

Bath is neat, well-kept, features a clean almost antiseptic downtown core, and on a good day the path along the River Avon makes for a pleasant escape from relentless vehicle traffic on the streets above.




We didn’t even have to walk very far to enjoy the splendid views created mostly in the late 19th century.




You’d never know when in this spot that the working-class periphery and industrial tracts of southern England even exist.

Somehow I am reminded here of HG Wells’ vision of the future in THE TIME MACHINE, and of an upper world inhabited by carefree Eloi.

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