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England: A Hike Around Derwentwater, Keswick

November 16, 2015

Another great hike that doesn’t take too much in the way of expertise or strenuous effort involves circumambulating Derwentwater Lake. The northern Lake District’s principal town, Keswick, stands on this lake’s south shore.


You can start and or finish from a variety of places made accessible by the boat that travels and stops at a series of five  waypoints around the lake.


The boat originates on the lakeshore in Keswick.


It’s a lovely ride on a sunny day.


Ourselves, we disembarked at a small quay on the western side of Derwentwater.


The lake is not much developed, other than a few Victorian-era hotels.


On the south end is a delta where a small river flows into the lake.



The land here is marshy and good for early morning birding, one supposes.


A number of hikes begin here and ascend to the famous Cat’s Bells, too. Hiking the high ridges is great fun, although the heights can be dangerous in bad weather; people have been blown clear off the mountains in the past.


We stumbled upon some incongruous sights, too, such as this reproduction Viking longboat, moored here because of the region’s connection to the Viking invasions long ago.


At the end of the day we were glad to hike back to our farmhouse residence, located on the east side of Derntwater, in time to witness another gorgeous sunset.


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