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Indonesia: Prambanan, Java

October 22, 2015

Honestly, when we first got to Java the antiquities of Hinduism were not at the forefront of our trip planning.  But Hindus lived and indeed continue to inhabit the archipelago of Indonesia. The country is not so named for nothing (emphasis on INDO here).

One of the most spectacular temple complexes happens to be located just outside Jogjakarta. Known as Candi Prambanan, the temples  here are are wonderfully preserved we allowed our imaginations to riot as we strolled through the various structures on a devastatingly hot day.

java 158

java 160

As usual the delicate statuary took our breaths away, what little of them we still had after gasping in the relentless July humidity.  Note the detail in the close-up of  the relief below.

java 178

java 179

The architecture of Pranamban announces to the world, “Look, we have achieved perfection!”

Perhaps true for the stones but not so much for humans, as the history of Southeast Asia has always demonstrated.

java 273

java 275

But give us a break, we still try.

java 285

java 298

photos by Kit and Diana Herring

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