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USA: Departing Seattle

February 11, 2012

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Everybody whines and complains about air travel these days but the experience doesn’t always have to be a bad one. You need only a combination of good weather, pleasant staff at the airport, and a sense of patience.

Of course, maybe the above combination is asking for a lot of circumstances to interact in the correct manner at the same time.

Last week Shawn and I left Seattle for the East Coast, on a flight to Boston. The only real hassle at the Seatac airport is to get through security in a timely fashion. But this day no lines snaked through the corridors.

We found our gate with an hour remaining to wait until boarding. But since the sky was so nice I decided to snap some pics.

1) Our plane is at the gate but one woman doesn’t look pleased

2) Baggage cart with the Olympic range in the distance, the Brothers twin peaks rising to 7000 ft.

To our great satisfaction the airplane loaded on schedule.  But then we sat on the tarmac for an hour while a widget was replaced in the cabin heating system.

But eventually we did get in the air, and were immediately rewarded with some nice views of Puget Sound.

3) Looking west to Maury Island with the Olympics in the background

Finally, one last photo as languor set in.  Five hours flying over the USA makes for a lot of reading time.

4) The Brothers again…

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