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The Cook Islands: Aitutaki’s Lagoon

January 16, 2012

The atoll of Aitutaki is generally recognized as one of the Pacific’s most beautiful. Flying to the island is a real treat, even when the weather isn’t perfect.

1) The first corner

2) Now more appears in the airplane window

The landing strip is a newish addition to the original airfield built by the Americans in WWII.

3) Ready to landpic shot thru the cockpit door

Of course, the real joy in experiencing the lagoon isn’t to found from an airplane window.  You have to venture into it by boat.

4) The sea’s colors are a swirl of azure

Great snorkling is to be found around the rocks at its edge, too.

5) Playing with snorkels and masks

Lastly, the motus, or small islands that circumscribe the reef, are wondrous uninhabited deserted islets, where the only sounds are the whistle of the wind through the palms and the calls of the tropic birds.

6) Honeymoon Motu, so named, it is said, because 40 years ago a Canadian couple decided to get married hereTo the right, behind Honeymoon’s sandbar, is a different motu, Maina

7) Another view of Maina

8) Diana, as close to paradise as a modern person can reasonably hope to find herself

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  1. January 17, 2012 2:29 pm

    Of course I’m jealous

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