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Viet Nam: The Red Dunes of Mui Ne

May 25, 2011

Not far from the glorious beaches of Mui Ne lies another otherworldly site, known colloquially in English as the Red Dunes.  Here the color of the sand – and in hindsight, sometimes the quality of the photographic film we used – give rise to the understandable moniker, The Red Dunes.

1) An overview shot; here the sand is is red, just as advertised

You arrive at the dunes via a path that leads through a small canyon with the most extraordinary features, caused by rain and erosion.

2) The beginning of the path

3) These miniature cliffs almost remind one of similar erosion in the coastal cliffs of Kauai in Hawaii

The sand has eroded here into the most exquisite shapes and delicate forms.

4) Diana walking through the canyon

Finally you arrive at the colossal sand dunes, so large that they would look right at home in the Sahara.

5) Going into a hole

The dunes are popular with the Vietnamese, who often use them as a setting for wedding photography. The reasoning is understandable.

6) Another look at the canyon

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