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USA: Cape Cod Springtime

May 16, 2011

I found myself on Cape Cod again the other day. Despite being mid-May, the climate still had a feel of winter in the air.

1) Road to the beach in Harwich Port.  The oak trees have yet to leaf out

Even the motel where we stayed still had that abandoned off-season look.

2) Empty pool at the motel

Of course, part of the problem may be partially economic.  People have less money and therefore are traveling shorter distances. But really, Spring has come late to many areas of the country and who wants to go vacation when the air temperatures remind you more of November than of May?

But on the final morning the sun made an appearance and the waters of Nantucket Sound shined their famous tones of blue.

3) Looking east toward Chatham

4) The dunes of Monomoy Point, six or seven miles distant

5) A lonely life guard post, to remain unoccupied for another month at least

Later that day we took a walk around Harwich Center to see how the old structures of the village were doing.

6) House

A brief trip along Main St. is like a short journey into centuries past.

7) The Historical Society building, a great example of Greek Revival architecture

I always did wonder what sentiment prodded the locals to design churches patterned after Ancient Greek temples.

8) Another house, this one with a classic New England enclosed porch

9) This church, more austere, is still in use

The Historical Society has some amusing exhibits.

10) The Old Powder House, where the town stored its ammo. Why’d they stop using it?  Maybe they ran out of room?

Especially interesting was the outhouse the society displays. In many parts of the world today, this unit would be considered a first-class amenity.

11) The Outhouse.  It’s unclear where this one used to be placed.  We presume it’s no longer in functioning order

I couldn’t help but take a picture of the old hardware store, site of my very first summer job in the early 1970s.  Tourists used to ask me if I was descended from the first colonists and were invariably disappointed to find out I was Canadian.

12) The store. Owned in the old days by Donald Bates

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