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Italy: Opulent Sights in the Vatican

November 10, 2010

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The Vatican holds one of the world’s foremost collections of art, most of it eclipsed only in value by its pomp.  The works have been brought together over the centuries by theft, skim, and other schemes that the city-state has felt useful to help with acquisitions.

1) Walking into the museum

They say the basement of the place may hold legendary histories and secrets of the world.  The notion is an interesting one but you can be sure they don’t let casual visitors into the inner sanctums.

Of course one of the main attractions in the Vatican is the Sistine Chapel.

2) The ceiling of the Sistine

When I visited, some years before the latest restoration, you could sit down on the floor, have a smoke, and photograph at leisure.  I imagine those days are long gone.  But I liked the dark and muted colors much more than the newer version with its bright tones and light-filled surfaces.

In the museum are a great number of huge Belgian tapestries from the Middle Ages.  These are worthy of note and most are astonishingly well-preserved.

3) Tapestry depicting map of Europe

But the sheer quantity of artifacts defies easy cataloging or explanation.

4) Goblet

Frankly the place smells of ill-gotten wealth.  The Catholic Church could probably end poverty in Europe by selling a small fraction of the museum’s contents.

5) Ducks unlimited, whatever

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  1. December 10, 2010 2:19 pm

    Thanks! Typos are a part of life, are they not?

    Most of the posts on my blog are completely separate from the book, which is a work of fiction.

  2. Carolne Couture Taylor permalink
    December 10, 2010 8:03 am

    Thank you for sharing. I have always wondered, like all of us, what kind of priceless treasures are hidden away. I bet you, some of those secret treasures are not even shared with the pope.

    In a Catholic Chapel, not to far from the vatican is the biggest lapis lazuli in its existance. It is shaped like a ball and the width is one meter. Sacrilege! That is 3.2 feet and that is worth a fortune. I am 5’2″, now I wonder how much I am worth!

    Somehow, the Catholic Church has become the stewart of the treasures of our past.

    My 2 critics to your story is that you have a typo at the beginning of your story, on the third line of your intro paragraph,you typoed: schemes the the city-state and
    the ending of your story was too abrupt to create a tease for a potential buyer of your book.

    The tease in marketing is to post at least one entire page of your book, (in words, not counting pictures) so we see that if the page truly teases you to read more, you will be more than likely to want to buy the book.

    I can edit your typos and for each typo I find in your writing, I will charge you one dollar.
    You see Kit, you are too talented as a writer to have typos. If you can’t edit your own writing, let me and others find the typos for you.

    I wonder if I can get rich reading your book, lol
    Was the typo from the book or only on Facebook?

    A Bientot

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