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Descending the Cairo Side – A Full Synopsis

October 16, 2010

Moroccan street scene: photo by Peg Herring

DESCENDING THE CAIRO SIDE – a novel of the traveling life

A young Canadian named Danny White decides leaves his life behind to travel in Africa. He is enthusiastic but jaded in his mission to hitchhike across the continent.  The pyramids of Egypt are his ultimate goal. 

In Morocco, he takes up with a variety of travelers as he makes his way through that country. As Danny listens to the stories of other backpackers returning from the country’s interior, his desire to share in the adventure grows. He departs to Fez with an American traveler, Bill. There, they are the victims of an attempted robbery, but Danny meets another American couple driving through Morocco in a van and heads south with them.

He arrives in Marrakech, where he meets and falls in with a French woman, Monique.  She later deserts him in Agadir after they travel to the coast. Returning to Martil, he is accosted by local police and forced to leave the country. He heads to Algeria, where he travels with other tourists before deciding to forsake the vices of the backpacker culture and truly set off on his own. Danny is taken by the hospitality of the Algerians yet confused by their volatile passions. Hitchhiking across the east of the country, he meets many different kinds of people, but becomes increasingly lonely.

After crossing the border into Tunisia, he meets a student who invites him to stay with his family in the oasis town of Nefta. There he falls ill but is nursed back to health by an Arab clan, who invite him to accompany them on a visit to a remote mining town. Their graciousness in his time of need reaffirms his faith in humankind.

Now recovered, Danny makes his way to Tunis where he again encounters the French girl, Monique. But this time he is the one who understands he must travel alone. He flies to Cairo after an aborted attempt to visit Libya and realizes his dream of climbing the Great Pyramid in Giza. But the exorcism of his personal demons does not come from ascending a stone monument and Danny’s experience changes him in ways he could not have imagined.


Descending the Cairo Side a novel of the traveling life

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