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Switzerland: Gruyère, Center of the Fondue Universe

September 28, 2010

I don’t often think about Europe, except when hungry.  If you have a penchant for fondue, the place to visit is the little Swiss town, Gruyère, where the cheese of the same name originates.

1) The town center

Here you will find a delightfully traditional village where, at least in the off-season, the hordes of tourists are thin.  The restaurant I chose to experience the delights of fondue had a menu with over fifty different types of the dish.  Meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit, for all I know they were dipping bugs into the wonderfully fragrant heated cheeses and oils.

The ambiance of some of the small bars and restaurants in the area is remarkable.  I stopped in this place for a drink and couldn’t take my eyes off the painting on the bar’s wall.

2) Portrait of local fun-lovers

And the scenery on the drive to Gruyère yields a surprise at every turn.

3) Local view

So if you find your self famished in Europe, head for Gruyère.   Your appetite will thank you profoundly.

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