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Christianity, Missionaries, and Logical Conclusions

August 17, 2010

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Several people have commented to me in person recently about my essay concerning missionaries.  Some friends have been very supportive of the thoughts and concerns I expressed.  A few have criticized me for delving into political thought.

Fair enough.  However I maintain that truth is apolitical.  For example:

Was Nazism an evil ideology as we normally understand the term?  Yes.

Were the attacks of 9/11 a crime against humanity? Yes.

Was the 2003-present American war in Iraq begun with an honest accounting of the facts and justifications?  No.

And lastly, to pose the same question as before: did Christian missionaries participate in various genocides around the world during the Age of First Contact? Yes.

No reasonable individual would answer these questions differently.  Now let’s move on for a moment, to the matter of the mosque/community center proposed for construction near Ground Zero in New York.  Many people have expressed the opinion that this center should not be built.  More radical groups and individuals have stated that mosques should not be allowed in North America.

In Switzerland, a normally sane country, new mosques are now prohibited from including minarets in their architecture.

These last opinions and emotions lead to logical and philosophical conclusions, should they one day become majority beliefs on a broader scale:

1) No new Christian churches should be permitted to be constructed in either North or South America, or Oceania.

2} All Christian churches standing currently in these regions should be torn down forthwith.

Let me empathize that I do not believe that either of these two statements contain a shred of validity.  I am merely pointing out what happens when thought progresses, with the aid of gravity, slide down slippery, ill-surveyed dips in metaphysical terrain.

The Cathedral in Cusco, Peru, penultimate symbol of Conquest,  which was built atop another Ground Zero, the principal temple of the Incas. That sacred structure was razed by the Spaniards as effectively as Al Qaida destroyed the World Trade Center towers

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  1. August 17, 2010 7:46 pm

    I have read your postings and I praise you for upsetting the sports fans with the God awful truth, well done!

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