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USA: Ebey’s Landing on Whidbey Island, WA – A Photo Essay

May 4, 2010

Photos by Kit and Diana Herring

Closer to home a beautiful state park on Whidbey Island makes for an enjoyable hike, especially when the sun peeks through the clouds of Puget Sound on a warm day. Named after a gentleman and early settler by the name of Ebey, the park includes beach, an ocean-front lagoon, and a sand bluff with pristine views of the Olympic Mountains and Vancouver Island.  With binoculars the careful observer may even see the city of Victoria on the Canadian side.

The original Mr. Ebey didn’t fare very well.  Haida tribespeople from Haida Gwai, the island chain to the west of British Columbia, paddled south and offed the man in a revenge killing.  Official histories claim his innocence as the hapless victim of retaliation for an unrelated murder, but the Haida, who typically think their actions through, may have known something we’ve conveniently forgotten.

1) hiking to the top of the coast bluff

2) Fog rolls through nearby farmland

3) Looking back at the native grasses and cleared land

4) On the trail above the lagoon

Round-trip, the hike spans about three miles, a casual stroll through the past of Whidbey Island. Largely untouched, the beach and the island here escaped the ravages of development that have disfigured so much of the  Pacific Northwest.  Perhaps the sense of wilderness is illusory; Ebey’s Landing encompasses only a thin strip of coast.

5) An unusual natural feature, this lagoon is host to an assortment of marine life and a source of nourishment for birds.  The Olympics rise in the distance

6) Another lagoon view

7) A tree that was probably dead when the area was logged

8) Diana with dandelion leaves for the evening’s salad

Occasionally we discover that we don’t have to travel to the ends of the Earth to find an untrammeled place in the sun.


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