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Yemeni Women and What They Deserve

March 17, 2010

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Today while looking at the stats for my blog, I noticed that an anonymous person had typed the phrase “Yemeni women don’t deserve to live” into the WordPress search function.

I have to wonder about this individual’s motivation.  Was the guy a liberal (I assume a man performed this search, although I could be mistaken) looking for information on the sexism so prevalent in the Muslim world, or was he a bigot, hoping to find justification for a twisted belief that some females ought to be murdered, based on their ethnicity or social class or whatever foolish criteria might be implied in the search terms.

So I stare at the computer screen, still at a loss to explain these words’ meaning.  Except that  to type them into a computer at all speaks eloquently, albeit poorly, of our modern culture.

Yemeni woman from the Tihama: My feeling is that she deserves to live – Photo by Peg Herring

Of course, I could be entirely wrong about the rationale for the search terms, and there may be an innocent explanation.  I would like very much to hear it.

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