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2012: Living on the Edge

March 1, 2010

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Is this how we’ll go out – with a bang?

I’ve given a lot of thought about the year 2012, since I first heard in the 1970s that the date of December 21 of that year signifies the end of the Mayan calendar.  There are a lot of factors to consider.  First, is this calculation accurate?  I mean, did the archeologists and linguists who established that indeed this is the exact end of the calendar get their facts straight.

It’s hard to say.

The gist of the theory is this:  the Mayans, having an obsessive relationship with time on a grand scale, proposed in their “long count” that the end of the current cycle grinds to a halt, for inscrutable reasons, in 2012.  A lot of minds more deeply involved than mine have studied this.  Nowhere have any Mayan writings been deciphered that announce December 21 as the end of time.  We suppose that they were merely recording an arbitrary figure to delineate the final day of a huge period of history.

Modern Mayan market – did they know something we don’t?

Yet, looking at various cultures around the world, we see evidence that ancient people may have left encoded messages in their monuments that perhaps were meant as a warning to future civilizations that something might be cosmically afoot.  The complex at Giza in Egypt serves as a good example.   The possibility exists that the alignments monuments and pyramids there reflect the sky in 10,500 BC. Why?  To remind future generations of a great catastrophe that occurred in that time?

Egypt Photos by Ken and Peg Herring

The Valley Temple near the Sphinx – built long before the rest of Giza, these megalithic walls have more in common with ruins in Ollantaytambo and Cusco in Peru that with other ancient Egyptian structures

More examples of huge interlocking stone walls in the Valley Temple. No inscriptions or other artifacts in this structure connect it with later Egyptian works

Were the Egyptians trying to tell us something?  The Sphinx is also almost certainly far older than the pyramids. Weathering patterns on the great lion tell us that erosion shaped it at a time when Egypt was a much wetter place, conditions that date back 7000 years if not longer.

Vertical fissures on the body of the Sphinx clearly show water erosion, alluding to the great antiquity of the monument

What may have happened?  A pole shift or an asteroid impact?  We don’t know.  And were the Mayans trying to tell us that some similar event was due to occur in 2012?

Of course I recognize that doomsday scenarios have long been part of human thought, especially around the time of millennial dates in our calendar. In the year 1000 AD end-of-world cults rose all over Western Europe.  Today the fringe, fundamentalist Christian cults forecast Christ’s return and the attendant Rapture to follow.  Other variations of such peculiar thinking are too long to detail here.

But we might be advised to take notice.  If a planet-wide disaster takes place, where might the safest places be?  My pet theory is that regions of the planet that have survived more or less intact over the eons may provide refuge.   The Appalachian Shield of Canada is a very old formation, geologically speaking.   So is the Outback of Australia.  Other spots presumably exist.

One thing is certain.  The places with the most spectacular scenery are probably unsafe.  The Andes Mountains, the islands of the South Pacific and Hawaii, in fact anywhere around the Ring of Fire will probably not constitute good places to hang out and wait for that day in December 2012.  There’s enough information out there to take notice, as long as we have the wherewithal to interpret it.

We may have been warned.  The time to act is coming soon.

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