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Mexico: Significant Maya Ruins

December 11, 2009

There are countless Maya sites in Mexico, with more being discovered every year.  Some have generated considerable controversy, both from mainstream scientists and crackpots.  Here are three examples:

1) Palenque: In the background is the Temple of Pacal the Great, whose body was interred in his pyramid.  An Egyptian connection?  Two or three thousand years too late, I’m afraid. But there is no doubt he was a mighty ruler. Sadly, his sarcophagus was removed to Mexico City for “safekeeping” and only a poor reproduction remains inside the pyramid.  One has to wonder where the original has gotten to

2) The Temple of the Warriors at Chitzen Itza, with its pillars reminiscent of Roman architecture, have allowed amateur archeologists to posit a connection between the two cultures, a patent absurdity given their relative chronologies.

3) Pyramid climbing at Chichen Itza

4) Tulum


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